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Samsung Launches Its Giant Thousand Inch Micro LED Screen | Digital Trends Spanish

Over time, The Wall has become something of a Samsung identity trait. An ambitious bet that includes televisions of proportions that exceed the traditional ones and with more sophisticated technology. Now, the company has just released The Wall 2021, a giant thousand-inch Micro LED display. According to the company, it is a wide canvas that is used to reproduce different audiovisual content. In a release Press release, Samsung indicates that this TV features new artificial intelligence processing technology, improved 120Hz frame rate, and versatile installation options. Thus, The Wall is a useful technology to offer companies "unlimited flexibility" when displaying different content. Samsung"Samsung is dedicated to creating the most innovative displays for those at the forefront of vi...
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Mini-LED vs. QLED. How one technology is improving the other | Digital Trends Spanish

Since its inception with the first LCD and later LED televisions, technology continues to advance steadily. Nowadays it is very common to hear the term OLED and QLED that although they are not cheap, they are already very common. The newest in this quality category is Mini-LED and it seems TCL is leading the way. In the distance still, MicroLED can be seen, but that is another story, at the moment not very accessible and expensive. You will be interested in: If this sounds too much like QLED technology to you, you've definitely been doing your homework. QLED and mini-LEDs are actually complementary to each other, and together they could finally prove that OLED isn't the only way to get the best image quality in the world. Here's the full Mini-LED and QLED story. LED: size does matt...
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A town spent 18 months without internet for an old television | Digital Trends Spanish

We all fondly remember the first televisions we had in our homes. They were true magic boxes that gave us long hours of fun and entertainment. Many are even unable to part with these ancient artifacts, and still treasure them more than anything for affection. The problem is that these classic devices do not seem to get along with the technology of this time and that is well known to the poor inhabitants of Aberhosan, a small town in Wales (United Kingdom). This town was inexplicably without an internet connection for the last 18 months. The most curious thing was the way this happened, since sacredly, the entire town was left without internet every day from 7 in the morning. No one really understood why this was happening, until a technical team from the Openreach com...