Monday, September 20


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The 9 seasons of Seinfeld will come to Netflix | Digital Trends Spanish

The battle between the different streaming services is unleashed. A day after the arrival of Star Plus in Latin America, Netflix has made an important announcement that seems to respond to the appearance of this new service. The company just announced that all nine seasons of Seinfeld will hit its platform in October. It is one of the most popular comedy series of recent times, for which Netflix paid close to 500 million dollars for the distribution rights. Through its Twitter account, Netflix made official the arrival of the successful sitcom to its streaming, a way to fill the void left by Friends once it emigrated from this service. SERENITY NOW! On October 1, you will want to call your work and make up what Festivus is. That day the 9 seasons of Seinfeld arrive on Netflix. pic.t...
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What made series 24 so successful? | Digital Trends Spanish

Demanding fans of film and television, the most demanding can claim that today there are no good action series. And they are probably right. Especially when compared to other times, where it was possible to find several good bets based on this genre. The feeling of the most critical is also explained because today there is no series like 24, which is considered the most important action series of the early 21st century. Throughout its eight seasons, this production attracted millions of viewers around the world and received several awards, including a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award. For the same reason, it is worth asking what it was that made this series so successful, and that question makes sense on a day like today marks nine years since its premiere in 2001. Beware of terrori...