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Tesla Model 3

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The autopilot of a Tesla causes accident again | Digital Trends Spanish

The autopilot system of Tesla cars remains in question, after a Tesla Model 3 of the Elon Musk brand caused a new accident by colliding with two other vehicles that were stopped on the road. The accident happened in Orlando, Florida, last Saturday, August 28. The vehicle in question crashed into a police car on a highway, which had stopped to help another driver. Fortunately, there was no misfortune to mourn, as only the driver of the Tesla as well as one of the stopped vehicles suffered minor injuries; meanwhile, the police officer was unhurt. The driver of the Tesla Model 3, a 27-year-old man, was driving with autonomous driving at the time of the accident. Happening now: Orange County. Trooper stopped to help a disabled motorist on I-4. When Tesla driving on "auto" mode struck t...
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Tesla prepares a compact and much cheaper electric car | Digital Trends Spanish

Tesla is already working on a new model of electric car more affordable than the Model 3 and Model Y. According to the British portal specialized in motor vehicles Coach, Elon Musk's company is working with a technical team in China to develop a new compact electric car with LFP (lithium-ferrophosphate) batteries that will start at $ 25,000 (20,000 euros). This vehicle would be manufactured in the Shanghai Giga for the whole world and could reach the market in 2023 to compete with rivals such as the Volkswagen ID.3 or the Nissan Leaf. In comparison, this new vehicle would be priced at about $ 10,000 less than the most basic Tesla Model 3, so its launch could mean a significant increase in Tesla's market share, which until now and due to its prices, has been he had maintained for a publ...
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Tesla just beat out Ford as the most American-made car for the first time ever

Tesla's Model 3 sedan topped Ford's Mustang in the American-Made Index this year. It's the first time in 16 years that Tesla has topped the list. The American-Made Index ranks American cars by how much of the car and its parts are made in the US. LoadingSomething is loading. In ...
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Driver fined for distracting himself with his Tesla screen | Digital Trends Spanish

The touchscreen from which Tesla vehicles deploy their infotainment system was rated by German courts as a distracting element for driving. This is clear from the fine the courts of the city of Karlsruhe, located in the southwest of the European country, applied to the owner of a model of the American firm. As reported BBC News, the driver was punished after being involved in an accident in the rain. "The Tesla automatically started its windshield wipers, but the speed control was done manually through the central touchscreen instead of the lever on the steering wheel," he explained. For this reason, the owner was fined as if he had operated a mobile phone. BBC News recalled that “the Tesla Model 3 automatically adjusts the speed of the wipers depending on the intensity...