Sunday, July 25

Tesla Model S Plaid

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A new Tesla Model S Plaid spontaneously catches fire | Digital Trends Spanish

In the city of Haverford, Pennsylvania, a Tesla Model S Plaid caught fire suddenly, trapping its driver temporarily. The incident occurred during the night and fortunately, the firefighters who came to attend the emergency were trained to deal with batteries of electric vehicles that catch fire. The Tesla Model S Plaid is a new version of the Model S, whose first units began to be delivered last June. According to the attorney representing the owner of the vehicle, this is one of the first 250 that are already rolling on the streets. Our firm & amp; @AthleteDefender represent an exec who purchased new Tesla Plaid Model S, which was 1/250 shipped. On Tuesday it spontaneously combusted. Our client was trapped & amp; could have died. We tried reaching out to Tesla & amp; have been ...