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The Matrix Resurrections

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This was the closure of The Matrix Online servers | Digital Trends Spanish

Following the trailer for the new The Matrix Resurrections and the change of actor for the Morpheus character, the conversation about The Matrix Online, a massive game that few people tried at the time, but that had important consequences for the movie universe. The Matrix Online It was an MMO that was in effect between 2005 and 2009, when Sony Online Entertainment decided to cancel it. The reasons for deactivating the servers The Matrix Online they were almost obvious: very few people played it and it made no business sense to keep it up. At the time of closing The Matrix Online there were less than 500 players connected and based on the video below, this is what they saw: glitches and a black cat, in a situation very typical of the universe of The Matrix. The closing experience of T...
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Why isn’t the original Morpheus in The Matrix 4? | Digital Trends Spanish

The first trailer of The Matrix Resurrections It has generated all kinds of reactions. On the one hand, fans are eager to revisit the universe more than two decades after its original release; On the other hand, the absence of Laurence Fishburne in the role of Morpheus raises more doubts than certainties: does the character remain, now played by another actor? Or will it just be absent? The answer is neither easy nor straightforward, but there is an important antecedent worth considering that most people don't know about: in the universe of The Matrix, the original Morpheus is dead. And this was not seen in the movie trilogy, but in a video game born in 2005 under the name of The Matrix Online. What game was The Matrix Online? Produced by Warner Bros. and developed by Monolith Prod...
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Warner Releases The First Trailer For The Matrix Resurrections | Digital Trends Spanish

This Thursday, September 9, Warner Bros released the long-awaited first trailer for The Matrix: Resurrections, the fourth film in the successful saga of the Wachowski sisters. This release has caused excitement among fans because, until now, we did not know many details about the film. The bad news is that the trailer does not provide many ideas about the story line that the film will address. In fact, the trailer could be the same record released exclusively for those who attended CinemaCon a few weeks ago. Anyway, the trailer shows Neo, again played by Keanu Reeves, back in the Matrix. However, the main character of the film seems to have no memories of what happened previously, and describes very realistic dreams. The sneak peek gets weirder when Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) appears,...
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The Matrix 4 website takes you back to 1999 | Digital Trends Spanish

The next movie from the franchise The Matrix began its promotion in a very curious and nostalgic way: a website that uses the same internet address as the first film. The site is question is called (What is the Matrix, in Spanish) and upon entering, you must choose between two blue or red pills, in an obvious and clear nod to one of the most iconic scenes from the original film. Either of the two options chosen shows a small teaser, a preview of the trailer that will be shown on September 9. Now, the interesting thing is that each teaser It has a narration in which the real time of the moment in which the video is observed is mentioned. The overlap of the voice with the exact time is more noticeable in one of the two videos, but probably for the vast majority this...