Friday, July 30

TikTok Resumes

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Apply for a job using TikTok: we explain how to do it | Digital Trends Spanish

If you believed that all the accumulated experience in a pandemic with lyp sinc (voice-overs) or TikTok challenges wouldn't do you any good, you were wrong: you could get your next job through this social network. So next time they scold you for making videos at home, better teach them how to apply for a job using TikTok. You will be interested in: The platform premiered TikTok Resumes, a pilot program to apply for jobs. It is an initiative promoted in conjunction with 36 companies, which in this phase will only be available for jobs in the United States. But since TikTok is usually one step ahead of the rest, it would not be strange that in the future this function is also imitated by some of its most bitter rivals (Yes, Instagram: we mean you). What is TikTok Resumes TikTok Resumes ...