Sunday, July 25

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Doritos offers a 13-year-old girl $20,000 as a reward for discovering a rare’puffy’ chip, which she listed on eBay

Doritos is paying $20,000 to an Australian teenager for discovering a rare chip. Rylee Stuart posted a TikTok video of the oddly shaped snack, which gained four million views. She listed it on eBay, where bids reached $100,000, according to to 9News. LoadingSomething is loading. A 13-year-old from Queensland, Australia, is set to receive $20...
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TikTok is automatically removing videos showing nudity, sexual activity, violence, and other content that violates its safety policy for minors

New tech from TikTok will automatically review videos that violate its safety policy for minors. This will enable human staff to focus on more nuanced content like hate speech and misinformation. Accounts will be removed under a zero-tolerance policy, such as posting child sexual abuse material. LoadingSomething is loading. ...