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Tim Berners-Lee

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Melancholy, a collider and the first photo on the internet | Digital Trends Spanish

Four smiling women, dressed in evening gowns, pose for a photograph. If the image is looked at carefully, it is seen that they were cut out of a photograph to paste them on a basic background decorated with the legend Les Horribles Cernettes. It is not the work of an expert, but it shows care. And, references aside, the composition is reminiscent of the female pop music groups of the eighties such as the Bangles, in the United States, or the Flans, in Mexico (where he is the one who signed this text). It could be one of the many millions of images that circulate on the internet, but it is not just any postcard, but the first photograph uploaded to the net. The names of the women who could well be the pioneers of Instagram are, from left to right, Angela Higney, Michele de Gennaro, C...
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The code that Tim Berners-Lee auctioned has a bug | Digital Trends Spanish

British engineer Tim Berners-Lee is considered the creator of the web as we know it. For this reason, he made headlines when he decided to sell an NFT with the source code of the World Wide Web. The auction reached $ 5.4 million, making it one of the most expensive NFTs of all time. It is not yet known who paid this amount, what is known is that the amount will benefit different organizations that Berners-Lee supports. The person who won the auction took home a digital copy of the 10,000 lines that make up the source code of the original web browser, an animated video showing how the code was written, as well as a letter signed by its creator. However, Mikko Hypponen, a researcher at computer security company F-Secure, pointed out that the auctioned code could contain an error. Hold ...
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How much did they auction off the original WWW code as NFT | Digital Trends Spanish

Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web (WWW), finally auctioned its original code as an NFT with his digital autograph. According an article from the BBC, NFTs are a sole proprietary form for digital items that do not necessarily include copyright control. They have also been heavily criticized for being seen as a money-making scheme, as well as being harmful to the environment. The auction house Sotheby's was in charge of the sale of the code and the money obtained will go to different causes that Berners-Lee and his wife will choose personally. The highest bid stood at $ 3.5 million for most of the last day of the auction, but there were a lot of bids in the last 15 minutes. The auction began on June 23, with an opening bid of $ 1,000. This particular work is made up o...
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Tim Berners-Lee launches the first step of his Solid project | Digital Trends Spanish

The man known for being the inventor of the World Wide Web concept, in 1989, Tim Berners-Lee, has announced the first step of his Solid privacy project, launched through his start-up Inrupt. This initiative seeks that users can have greater control over their data and goes in the same line as the pursuit of a network "more respectful of privacy". It would mark an important distance with the centralization of our data by giants like Google, Amazon and Facebook. For now, Inrupt has launched the first server with the Solid system, which would be intended for companies and organizations. Thus, any of them that want to join can do so from now on. How does it work? This project presents as a main novelty the POD, or personal online data, a kind of digital container that stores the perso...