Tuesday, September 28

Tiranosaurio Rex

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This dinosaur was the great predator before the T-Rex | Digital Trends Spanish

Until now, it is accepted that the Tyrannosaurus Rex has been the king of predators among the dinosaurs. But before the T-Rex there was another great dinosaur, the predecessor on the throne of the great predators and that was recently discovered by researchers at the University of Tsukuba: the Ulughbegsaurus uzbekistanensis. This specimen lived 90 million years ago and the analysis of a fossil found in Uzbekistan - hence the name of the animal - reveals that it had a mass of more than 1 ton, while measuring between 7.5 and 8 meters long. The Ulughbegsaurus belongs to the group of the carcharodontosauria, which were the largest predators existing before the emergence of tyrannosaurs. This group of dinosaurs also shared territory with other smaller tyrannosaurs, which at that time were ...
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T-Rex skeleton auction would break all records | Digital Trends Spanish

Okay, we admit it: the Tyrannosaurus rex It is one of our favorite dinosaurs, especially for those of us who grew up in the nineties and the cinema and literature were in charge of growing this admiration for the giant with the short arms. This fanaticism can reach unsuspected instances, as it can now happen with the auction of the most complete skeleton of T-rex, which can reach a record sale price. This is Stan, named after Stan Sacrison, a paleontologist who discovered him in 1987, on private land near Buffalo, South Dakota. The skeleton dates back to the Upper Cretaceous, between 66 and 67 million years ago. Stan spent the last decades at the Black Hills Institute in South Dakota, where he was studied. As a result, paleontologists have generated a large number of ...
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How much did the dinosaurs weigh? These methods answer it | Digital Trends Spanish

How exactly is an extinct dinosaur weighed? Although paleontologists use different methods, for obvious reasons, none involve actual weighing. But to determine which is the most appropriate formula, one study compared the different approaches. The research, published Sept. 1 in the journal Biological Reviews, involved a review of techniques for estimating the body mass of dinosaurs that have been in use for more than a century. Estimating the mass of a dinosaur like the iconic tyrannosaurus rex is not an easy thing: it is a creature that took its last breath some 66 million years ago and, for the most part, there are only traces of its bones. It is a challenge that has put the ingenuity of paleobiologists to the test. Scientific estimates of the mass of the largest l...