Monday, August 2

Todo sobre Kwai

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All about Kwai, the app that wants to overshadow TikTok | Digital Trends Spanish

Kwai made its arrival in Mexico and other Latin American regions in April 2021. It is a short video application that wants to differentiate itself from TikTok by creating a more inclusive and diverse community. Therefore, it is worth knowing all about kwai. "Our goal is to become the preferred entertainment platform for all Mexicans," said Keith Hernández, general director for South America of Kuaishou Technology, Kwai's parent company, at the time. You may also like: All about Kwai Kuaishou is the first short video platform in the world - according to Hernández - it originated in China in 2011 and currently receives 20 million clips a day. It also enables live streaming and e-commerce. In Latin America, under the name of Kwai, it arrived in Brazil in 2018, while this April 2021 it of...