Thursday, July 29


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First lady Jill Biden to attend opening ceremony of Summer Olympics in Tokyo next week

First Lady Jill Biden will lead the US delegation at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. The opening ceremony of the games takes place on July 23. Tokyo is currently under a state of emergency due to a surge in coronavirus cases. LoadingSomething is loading. First la...
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Tokyo Olympics organizers are handing out more than 150,000 condoms to athletes — but also asking recipients not to use them at the Olympic village

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics plan to hand out more than 150,000 condoms to athletes. They'll also ask the more than 11,000 athletes at the games to continue social distancing. "The distributed condoms are not meant to be used at the Olympic Village," an official told AFP. See more stories on Insider's business page. Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics plan to hand out more than 150,000 condoms to the world's top athletes — but will also ask them to not use them at the Olympic village, according to multiple reports. The organizing committee made the request last week, Agence France-Presse reported.The wire service said Japan's con...
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Incredible Design of a Space Airport in Japan | Digital Trends Spanish

This is a good time to explore space. Technological advances, as well as a growing interest in knowing what lies beyond the borders of our planet, have encouraged space exploration in a way that did not happen several decades ago. Today, practically all of us have our eyes on what happens (or could happen) in space. Aware of this growing trend, an architectural firm in Japan has proposed an innovative and sophisticated Space Airport. Noiz Architects. This futuristic center designed for Tokyo Bay, would receive the name of Spaceport City, and would have four floors and characteristics similar to that of a conventional airport, except that it would have docking parts for rockets and more spacecraft. The space airport would be designed for commercial suborbital spacecraft taking off ...
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Meteorite provides important information about water on Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

An investigation carried out by the University of Tokyo revealed evidence of water from 4.4 billion years ago in a Martian meteorite discovered in the Sahara desert in 2011. Although it was already known that Mars harbored water about 3.7 billion years ago, with this new analysis of the NWA 7533 meteorite, the researchers estimate that the water was likely present a long time before. For researchers, this type of analysis helps to understand how Mars was formed and what the process of evolution of its crust and mantle was like. Also, the findings are in line with the hypotheses that hold that water could be one of the substances that occur naturally during the formation of planets. This look would distance itself from the theory that states that the meteorite, nicknamed "Black Beau...