Sunday, July 25

Tom Holman eXperiment

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What is THX? We explain everything about this certification | Digital Trends Spanish

Decades after its first rise in theaters with its iconic deafening crescendo, THX remains an enigma to most audiences. We conducted an informal survey of some of our tech-savvy (but not necessarily expert) friends and partners and asked if they knew what is THX or what it does. You will be interested in: Answers included everything fromTh-what? Until "that company that has trailers that sound great before the movies. " Some managed to get a little closer, suggesting that THX was the best sound format; very close, but not quite correct. While many may associate the company with their trailers and shiny badges, there's so much more behind the scenes. THX does not create what you see and hear, but generates characteristics and information that, directly and indirectly, enhance what yo...