Monday, August 2


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They take a selfie just as they are struck by lightning | Digital Trends Spanish

Not many people escape unscathed after being struck by lightning. And far fewer have a record of that. This is what happened to the Isobel brothers, Rachel and Andre Jobson, who were enjoying a leisurely bike ride through a field near London. At one point, the brothers decided to stop and seek shelter under a tree, since it had just started to rain. As a way to make the wait more entertaining, they decided to take a selfie. The problem is that sheltering under a tree during a thunderstorm can be a bad idea, as lightning strikes the path of least resistance, which is almost always the tallest object in the area. Wow. Isobel Jobson & # 39; s photo as they are struck by lightning. & mdash; Kid Narco (@KidNarco) July 13, 2021 Thus, just as the brothers were t...