Tuesday, September 28

Toy Story

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Luxo Jr., the story of the iconic first Pixar short | Digital Trends Spanish

It took almost 60 years for animated films to have their biggest technological change since Disney implemented rotoscopy in Snow White (1937). The revolution came from the hand of Pixar, a production company whose origins cross Lucasfilm with Steve Jobs and who had in Toy story (1995) an influential and successful debut feature. The truth is that it took almost a decade for Pixar's pinino to become Toy story. That first step was Luxo Jr. (1986), a short film that may seem unknown to the viewer by name, but which visually must be part of the graphic pop culture of the millennial generation and is that, after all, the playful table lamp serves as a kind of glorious introduction to every Pixar movie from Toy story until Luca. The mastermind of the short film was animator John Lasseter. ...