Tuesday, September 28


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Windows 11 can be installed on older processors | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft has announced some small changes to the Windows 11 system requirements, which can be installed on older computers that did not meet all the previously announced specifications. In a post in his official blogMicrosoft gave some important details for everyone planning to move to Windows 11 when it debuts. The first and most relevant thing is that the previously announced technical specifications remain unchanged, especially for all users who are going to install Windows 11 from the current Windows 10. But Microsoft explains that, after analyzing other processor models, they have decided to expand the list of compatible Intel chips for Windows 11. The added models belong to the seventh generation and are all of the Intel Core X and Xeon W series, in addition from the Intel Core ...
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What is TPM? This is what you need to know to run Windows 11 | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft just announced Windows 11, and many computer manufacturers are being affected by a strange system requirement: TPM 2.0. Very good, butwhat is TPM? the Trust Platform Module, is a dedicated processor that handles encryption at the hardware level. It is the chip that allows you to use biometric data to log into Windows and encrypt it on your device. You will be interested in: Still, it is difficult to understand what a TPM is and, more importantly, why you need one for Windows. We tell you everything you need to know before preparing your computer to run Windows 11. What is TPM? A TPM is a chip that lives on the motherboard of your computer. It is a dedicated processor that handles the encryption, which contains part of the secret key that is needed to decrypt the data on y...