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Google Workspaces Releases Features for Hybrid Work | Digital Trends Spanish

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change the way we work. Thus, the world has had to adopt teleworking as a way to reduce COVID-19 infections. As a way to power hybrid work, Google has made Spaces from Workspaces now available to all users. Thus, Spaces integrates with the other Workspaces tools, such as calendars, Drive, and documents, to provide a more mixed work experience, where users can see all the history of the content and the background of the conversation, regardless of where be found. "When some people return to the office, teams need that ability to collaborate flexibly from anywhere, anytime," Google Workspace Senior Director of Product Management Sanaz Ahari said in a statement. “The innovations we are bringing to clients help close the gaps in virtual and in-pers...
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Tinder prepares the return to the office with its “work mode” | Digital Trends Spanish

Tinder is also preparing for the return to the office. The dating app has just relaunched its “work mode”, a feature that had been created in 2017. This tool allows the application to be used in the office in the middle of a work day, since users can connect to their profiles from laptops or desktop computers. On this platform, people can also reply to messages and match with other users. The most outstanding aspect of this function is that the interface can be hidden when other people are approaching, which is very practical to prevent co-workers from finding out that you are looking for possible appointments in the middle of the workday. For this, the platform has a button in the form of a briefcase in the corner of the screen. If the user needs to quickly change the application and...
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Reactiv Suite by Vizetto: the service that will transform virtual meetings | Digital Trends Spanish

It is already known: the health emergency caused by COVID-19 came to change everything, including - or mainly - the way in which people communicate, whether with their family or colleagues at work. Videoconferences took a preponderant place –to the extent that now many of us want to take a break from them–, this without counting those who present content have even more burden on themselves, since the rest can be considered as simple receivers. That is precisely what the Canadian firm Vizetto wants to change with its platform Reactiv Suite. "Our solution will set a new standard in remote work for the 'next normal' by transforming passive remote audiences into active collaborators in daily meetings, resulting in greater engagement and increased productivity," states Av U...
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The best tricks for Google Presentations | Digital Trends Spanish

The time will surely come: make a presentation to your classmates or work colleagues, and if you also do not have much time, one of the google tools comes to the rescue. We give you here some of the best tricks for Google Presentations. We will start with some basic recommendations, but do not worry, we will add more tricks in the next updates that we make to this article, so that you can get the most out of this platform that is available for desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android). Topic change When ideas don't flow the way you want, you can choose from a variety of themes for your presentation, which means you'll have a predefined set of colors, fonts, backgrounds, and designs. In your presentation, in the top menu, go to Slide and select Change theme among t...