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Now TikTok helps you find your next job | Digital Trends Spanish

Your next job may be found thanks to TikTok. The platform is testing a new system that allows applying for a job through a video presentation. This feature is called Resumes, and it is being tested in the United States. According to the social network, there are already several companies that are interested in finding new employees through its application. The user who is interested in applying for a job, must create a video with the hashtag #TikTokResumes and count in the registry their qualities, aspirations, work experiences and studies. Basically, it is a new way of publishing the resume. Thus, people will be able to use all the tools offered by the platform to create a video, such as the option to add music, filters and stickers. Of course, TikTok recommends not sharing personal...
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Finland seduces technology experts with this invitation | Digital Trends Spanish

Finland wants to boost its technology industry and to achieve this it plans to attract the best professionals in this field, either from the United States or from other countries. Helsinki Business Hub just launched the program 90 -Day Finn, with which he intends to pay for the three-month stay of a technology expert in that Finnish city. But not only that, the campaign will also take care of all the necessary procedures for the trip such as the official documentation that is needed, in addition to finding a home, medical care, daycare and schools since, in the job offer, children and family are also included. Presentations will also be arranged in different technology centers and, if all goes well, the campaign will help process a possible permanent residence in the country. Not e...
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This is how the trailer for The Batman recreated in Lego looks like | Digital Trends Spanish

The batman It is one of the most anticipated films by movie fans. Unfortunately, its premiere has been postponed until 2022 due to the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, Robert Pattinson himself was infected with COVID-19, which has increased the anguish among the followers of the mythical superhero who want to see the new bet of the franchise soon. Meanwhile, a group of fans and audiovisuals has made their own trailer for The batman, but recreated in traditional Lego games. Although we had already seen other famous films such as Indiana Jones or Star wars transformed into Lego, this original proposal manages to faithfully recreate the decadent and dark atmosphere that always has to surround the Batman movies. Not only that, those who have worked behind this video have stopped in deta...
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The stunning photograph of the constellation Orion | Digital Trends Spanish

It was worth all the effort and dedication. Astrophotographer Matt Harbison has just presented the result of one of his most ambitious projects: a stunning 2.5-gigapixel photograph of the constellation Orion. This image has meant more than five years of work, in addition to 500 hours of editing and 42 of processing. The result of this strenuous work can be appreciated in all its magnitude in the site author's official. Matt Harbison. Harbison himself has explained that it was in 2013 when he decided to embark on this interesting and extensive project that began three years later when he acquired a QHY16200ACCD monochrome camera, which is specially made for astrophotography. And the adventure was full of challenges, along with capturing more than 2,500 images in five years from hi...
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Opera will pay someone just to surf the internet | Digital Trends Spanish

It is a job advertisement as strange as it is attractive. Opera is offering a two-week temporary job in which they will pay a person 9 thousand dollars for the simple fact of surfing the Internet. The offer has even been published in Linkedin, and it explains that the applicant can be from anywhere in the world. Your task will be to "browse the far corners of the web and talk about the funny and weird things you come across." Tempting, right? As a requirement, the interested person must know what a browser is, have a computer and a stable internet connection, speak fluent English and be at least 18 years of age. Other conditions for applying are weirder and include loving the web and being someone who spends a lot of time talking to himself. Digital Trends Graphic Candidates who...