Sunday, September 19

traducción en vivo

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Zoom Announces Live Translation and VR Features on Facebook | Digital Trends Spanish

Zoom has stood out as one of the most useful and popular platforms during the coronavirus pandemic. Now, with a significant part of the workers resuming face-to-face functions, the program wants to adapt to the new work normality. During its Zoomtopia 2021 developer event, the company announced some of its top updates. One of the most prominent is related to the incorporation of translations in real time. For this, the program will have support for 30 different languages ​​until the end of next year. At the moment, the languages ​​that would be part of this new tool have not been indicated. According to Zoom, these improvements are a direct result of the machine learning insights he gained from acquiring German translation company Kites. In another of the announcements, the platform h...