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The ambitious idea that gave birth to the Transformers series | Digital Trends Spanish

These days a new installment of the successful Transformers saga is being recorded in Cusco, Peru, called Rise of the Beasts. This series of films began in 2007, with its first version by director Michael Bay and with Shia LaBeouf as the protagonist. However, this franchise began much earlier, in the early eighties, when the Hasbro company wanted to launch in the United States a line of toys inspired by a group of convertible robots, which ended up being known precisely as Transformers. To make the launch of these accessories more successful, the company developed an animated series that would serve as a context for the toys and help generate excitement among the public for the imminent release of the action figures. To this end, Hasbro partnered with Marvel, the idea was that both coul...
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Peru alerts: no Transformer will enter Machu Picchu | Digital Trends Spanish

Transformers is one of the great action and science fiction sagas of recent times. This story has been so popular that managers are already preparing a new film in the franchise. In fact, the film crew is already in the city of Cusco, Peru to begin filming some of the scenes of The awakening of the Beasts. Although Paramount Pictures already had permission to record in the historic sanctuary built by the Incas, those in charge of the archaeological park were clear in ensuring that they will be very strict to avoid any type of damage. "Let it be clear that none of the robots will enter Machu Picchu, not even one hand of the robot," said José Bastante Abuhadba, the chief in charge of the sanctuary, considered one of the seven wonders of the world. According to the Andina agency, the offi...