Monday, September 20

transmisiones en vivo

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Streamer lets himself be controlled by the audience like The Sims | Digital Trends Spanish

In the popular franchise The simsYou must control different customizable characters and make decisions for them so that these virtual beings achieve their personal goals and be happy (ideally). In other words, you have to choose each action that someone else will take. That is what the streamer from Twitch and YouTube named Jeremy “Jerma985” Elbertson. This took the concept of The sims and he brought it to life, making broadcasts in which viewers voted in real time and controlled everything he did, just like a Sim. Jeremy did three broadcasts on Twitch, which were part of the series he called "The Jerma985 Dollhouse." It is a production that had the help of approximately 35 people and, as you can see in the videos on your accountIt even has an interface that references the game. ...