Sunday, July 25

Transportation Security Administration

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Tension and violence onboard airplanes is soaring, but the CDC still wants flyers to wear masks because the unvaccinated are’extremely vulnerable’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is against lifting the mask mandate on airplanes. The Transportation Security Administration's current mask mandate expires on September 13 but may be extended. Thousands of travelers have been banned from airlines for not wearing masks. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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American Airlines is recalling 3,300 flight attendants from extended voluntary leave as it ramps up for a busy holiday season

American Airlines has told flight attendants on extended leave that it wants them back, per a memo. The airline also plans to hire 800 new flight attendants before March 2022 as travel rebounds. It furloughed more than 8,000 cabin crew members in October 2020 as travel demand slumped. See more stories on Insider's business page. American Airlines is canceling extended voluntary leave for about 3,300 of its flight attendants as it prepares for a surge in travel demand, which will last beyond the summer. Returning cabin crews will restart flights in November and December, and two-thirds will need to be retrained, the airline told e...
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It’s not just flight attendants dealing with unruly passengers: airport security face assaults too, the TSA said. One passenger is accused of biting 2 TSA officers, and faces a $14,000 fine.

An airline passenger has been accused of biting two airport safety officers in Denver. A passenger in Kentucky is accused of assaulting two safety officers, and faces criminal charges, the TSA said. Reports of unruly passengers, many relating to mask mandates, have hit record levels. LoadingSomething is loading. ...