Tuesday, September 28

TuneIn en Roku

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Beyond streaming: the best apps for Roku | Digital Trends Spanish

The popular player has several charms, since it allows access to the various services of streaming to its multiple interactivity options. And it also lets you give your TV amazing radio or photo frame functions, with the best apps for your Roku. This selection brings together the developments TuneIn, HappyKids, WeatherNation, Web Video Caster, Spotify and Flickr at the moment. Later we will include others of the type so that you go beyond putting your favorite series. You will be interested in: If you want to add a app, go to the section of Look for on the main Roku interface. Then, write the name of the application that interests you. Once it is displayed in the search results, select it and click on Add channel. It will appear all the way down to Beginning. If you are clear to wh...