Sunday, July 25


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TV Ads Inside Console Games: A Bad Idea | Digital Trends Spanish

A few days ago, a media report Axios revealed that Electronic Arts, the company behind FIFA, Need for Speed Y The Sims, signed a contract with a company called Simulmedia to include video ads in console or PC games. These ads could be similar to those traditionally seen in mobile video games, when after passing a stage or reaching a pause in the game, a 20 or 30 second video appears with an advertisement. Video is not normally skippable and is part of the experience of many free games or free to play. What Simulmedia raises, however, is a bit more invasive than just watching a video. According to the original reports, the idea is to reward those who watch the full video by giving out some extra in-game prizes (for example, receiving extra coins) that would not be available to those wh...