Sunday, September 19

Ultra gran angular

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Macro, telephoto, wide angle… What does each of the lenses of the cell phone do? | Digital Trends Spanish

You only need to take a look at what were considered the best phones of five years ago to understand now how mobile optics has taken giant steps. In an effort to clarify the panorama a bit, we explain what each one of cell phone lenses. There is the fact that the cameras of the smartphones They rely more and more on artificial intelligence to deliver quality photographs, but they are still sensors with clear characteristics and purposes. You may also like: Cell phone lenses Wide angle Generally, it is the main lens of smartphones, since, due to its characteristics, it is the one that manages to have more elements in focus. It is ideal for group photos, portraits and landscapes, although its angle of view is between 60 and 120 degrees. The wide angle of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is 108...