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United States accuses China of a wave of cyber attacks | Digital Trends Spanish

Antony Blinken, secretary of state of the United States, accused the Chinese government of encouraging the creation of an ecosystem that has made it easier for hackers to cyberattacks to other countries, in addition to encouraging these criminal actions for their own benefit. Meanwhile, the European Union and the United Kingdom have a similar opinion vis-à-vis the Asian giant, while NATO condemned the events and demanded responsibility from China. "An unprecedented group of allies and partners, including the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and NATO, will join the United States in exposing the malicious cyber activities of the Chinese Ministry of Security," said a source. interior of the White House. The Secretary of State pointed directly to the Minist...
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How Europe’s COVID-19 digital passport works | Digital Trends Spanish

This Thursday, July 1, the COVID-19 digital certificate comes into operation in all member countries of the European Union, except Ireland. This measure is intended to facilitate mobility and promote tourism in the summer season; in fact, some nations, like Spain, have already started using it. At a press conference, Justice Commissioner Didier Reynerds pointed out that all member states are technically ready for the certificate to come into force, and explained that this does not count for Irish territory due to the cyberattack they suffered in May. Getty Images.How does it work? The certificate is a free document and is issued by the national authorities. Thus, the holder can demonstrate that he has been vaccinated against COVID-19 and had a negative result in the coronavirus test, ...
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Amazon Faces Tough Antitrust Charges in European Union | Digital Trends Spanish

After two years of investigation, the Executive Commission of the European Union (EU) filed antitrust charges against Amazon on November 10. The e-commerce giant was accused of using the privileged access it has to the data of sellers who use its platform, to obtain unfair commercial advantages. The bloc's main antitrust agent opened a second investigation to find out whether Amazon favors product offerings that use its own logistics and delivery system. "Our concern is very specific business conduct that appears to distort genuine competition," said Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition. What are the charges According to the AP agency, EU officials focused on the dual role of the company as a market and a retailer. In addition to selling its own products, the U...
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Facebook threatens to abandon its operations in Europe | Digital Trends Spanish

After on Thursday, September 10, it was made public that Ireland ordered Facebook to stop transferring data from European users to the United States, this Wednesday the response of the social network was known. In a court docket filed in court in Dublin, Facebook's associate attorney general wrote that enforcing the ban would render the company unable to operate, it reported. The Guardian. “In the event that it was subject to a complete suspension of the transfer of user data to the United States. It is not clear how the company could continue to provide Facebook and Instagram services in the European Union (EU), ”stated Yvonne Cunnane, Head of Data Protection for Facebook in Ireland. Pexels / Pixabay The statements are part of the last edge of a legal battle that has ...