Monday, September 20

Universidad de Cambridge

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They denounce that Huawei infiltrated the University of Cambridge | Digital Trends Spanish

An organization that watches over Human Rights in Hong Kong, known as Hong Kong Watch, denounced that the University of Cambridge had been infiltrated by Huawei. This accusation was made by Johnny Patterson, an expert in security matters and one of the directors of the organization. Huawei's ties to the Chinese government are not a secret. It seems that the research center has been infiltrated by Huawei and the university should definitely investigate it, "he said in dialogue with The Times. "The close ties between Huawei and the University of Cambridge have serious moral and national security implications." Specifically, Patterson refers to the influence that Huawei could have on some of the heads of the Cambridge China Management Center (CCCM), founded in 2018 in Shenzhen province. T...
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Cambridge Announces Clinical Trials of Its Needle-Free Vaccine | Digital Trends Spanish

After receiving $ 1.9 million British pounds ($ 2.5 million) from the British government, the University of Cambridge announced clinical trials of its coronavirus vaccine, dubbed DIOS-CoVax2. This development has the particularity that it is painless, since it will not take up needles and will be administered on the patient's skin, he assures Sky News. The creation of this vaccine has involved looking at the genetic sequences of all known coronaviruses, including those found in bats, natural hosts of many relatives of human coronaviruses. Through this process, the Cambridge scientists seek to hone the immune response, which could help prevent adverse effects of the vaccine, such as hyperinflammation. The research team has used 3D computer models to analyze the structure...