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Remains of a flying dragon identified in Chile | Digital Trends Spanish

Thanks to the study of the fossil remains found in the Atacama desert (northern Chile), in 2009, a strange “flying dragon” from the Jurassic could be identified, something that had never happened in the southern hemisphere. It is a type of pterosaur belonging to the subfamily Ramphorhynchinae, which was found in the city of Calama and which inhabited Gondwana about 160 million years ago. The study was headed by Jhonatan Alarcón, researcher at the Paleontological Network of the University of Chile, and the remains that corresponded to “a left humerus, a possible dorsal vertebra and two fragments of a phalanx of the wing, all preserved in three dimensions and probably belonging to a single individual ”. University of Chile.According to the scientist, the preserved pieces of the specimen a...
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Add evidence linking earthquakes with magnetic fields | Digital Trends Spanish

An investigation carried out by the Department of Physics of the Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics of the University of Chile compiles more evidence that relates earthquakes to magnetic changes in the Earth. According to the authors of the study, the work is based on variations of the geomagnetic field of our planet, which differs and includes fundamental concepts from the seismological studies that have been done on cracks in the lithosphere. "We carried out an analysis on the correlations of the time series of the Earth's geomagnetic field, especially in the margin of the Chilean Pacific Ocean," explains Enrique Cordero, who leads the research. According to the professional, this method is based on the detection of a magnetic pulse with a certain frequency in the area where...
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Chilean scientists propose a new state of matter | Digital Trends Spanish

A team of researchers from the FCFM Department of Physics of the University of Chile and the Millennium Institute of Optics MIRO has managed to generate the conditions to create an exotic state of matter. It should be remembered that this state had already been observed in extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. An example of this would be superconductivity and superfluidity. Scientists have been happy about the finding and expectant about the possibilities it may mean in the future. "We are at the beginning of something that could be completely different from what we have seen," explains Marcel Clerc, professor at the University of Chile and leader of the research. "What we demonstrated was that topological transitions, that is, certain deformations that transform one thi...