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universo cinematográfico de marvel

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Film director Denis Villeneuve gives his opinion on Marvel | Digital Trends Spanish

In 2019, the acclaimed director of films such as The Irishman, casino and Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese, said that the Marvel movies “they are not cinema”And that for him they were like an“ amusement park ”. Now, Denis Villeneuve, director of Blade Runner 2049, Arrival and the new adaptation of Dune, He has joined the trend and has expressed his opinion on Marvel with a tone similar to that of Martin Scorsese. In a recent interview with The worldAs part of a tour to promote the new film, Villeneuve said that "perhaps the problem is that we are in front of too many Marvel films that are nothing more than a cut and paste of others." But that's not all, later, the director added: "Maybe these kinds of movies have turned us a bit into zombies ... But big and expensive movies of great value t...
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The second season of Loki would only be filmed in 2023 | Digital Trends Spanish

In recent years, productions belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have become the most successful in the industry. This has also been extended to the last series that have been released, particularly Wandavision and Loki. The fiction starring the God of Deception had a great reception in the fans, exceeding expectations. Thus, the series became one of the most important of Disney Plus, surpassing even what was done by The Mandalorian. For the same reason, after its first season ended, viewers turned to the internet and social networks to have a certain notion of when they could enjoy the return of fiction, especially taking into account the expectation generated by the last episode. However, in an interview with the Collider site, series producer Kevin Feige hinted that fan...
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Spider-Man No Way Home Figures Reveal Film Details | Digital Trends Spanish

There are many rumors circulating about what we will see in Spider-Man: No Way Home, with a lot of theories about the inclusion of the Spider-Verse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). So far, there is no trailer for the movie. So what remains is to infer information from elsewhere, such as some Hasbro toys inspired by the new tape of "your good neighbor, Spider-Man." The Entertainment Earth store has launched a toy line Spider-Man: No Way Home, and in this, you can see the details of the protagonist's new costume, information about the villains and also some small indications about the plot. The action figures show the Iron Spider suit that Peter Parker will wear in the film, which integrates the red and gold colors of Iron Man's armor. And along the same lines, Peter's new outfit ...
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How to watch all the Avengers movies in chronological order | Digital Trends Spanish

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU, for its acronym in English) and his popular superheroes, The Avengers, surely you have wanted to see each of his films once again. If you want to do it now, you are in luck, since all their titles are available in the service of streaming from Disney Plus or as content on demand. However, the MCU includes more than 20 movies to date, so it can be easy to get confused and not know in what order to watch them. That is why we created this list, we tell you how to see all The Avengers movies in order, according to their site in the chronology of this saga and not by their release date. Warning: some descriptions may contain spoilers. Captain America: The First Avenger In the midst of World War II, Steve Rogers volunteers for a...