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UPS is at a crucial point in its history. Here’s how it got here — and where it might be going.

UPS is in the midst of a business overhaul at the hands of CEO Carol Tomé. The company seeks to boost profitability by reining in spending and carefully choosing packages. Demand for faster and faster delivery could put pressure on UPS to move into unfamiliar territory. LoadingSomething is loading. Carol Tomé is heading into her second peak sh...
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Sen. Chuck Schumer is demanding accountability from UPS after more than 100 AP exams of high school students never made it to the College Board for grading

Sen. Chuck Schumer called on UPS to respond, saying it lost more than 100 AP exams. The College Board initially proposed offering a refund to students or allowing them to retake the exam. Starpoint High School students asked Schumer to request action from UPS or to reimburse them for the lost college credit. LoadingSomething is loading. Senate ...
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Best Computer Backup Power Supplies | Digital Trends Spanish

When there is a power outage or fluctuations outside safe levels, the backup power supplies (also known as UPS or No-Break) instantly provide clean power and surge protection for any sensitive electronic equipment connected to the device. This type of storage in batteries is very common for desktop computers and they are necessary to ensure that your PC is not damaged and that files are not lost due to electrical problems. You will be interested in: Before starting, we must be clear that a backup power supply and a current regulator are two different things. Most UPSs have a built-in current regulator, depending on the model and brand, they come with a certain number of regulated-only plugs and others also provide backup power. Both devices come in different capacities, sizes, colors,...
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How to send vaccines at minus 80 degrees below zero? | Digital Trends Spanish

The entire world continues to grapple with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. There are already hundreds of thousands of deaths and the number of infected grows every day. The planet needs a respite from this grave threat. Fortunately, several laboratories around the world are working to find an effective vaccine to end the pandemic. It has been an arduous task, which should have positive results in the medium term. However, the search for a vaccine does not appear to be the only challenge. There is another, associated with the cure, which has to do with how the millions of doses will be transported to the different corners of the planet. Vaccine. Reference image. An article published in The New York Times warns about the complexities o...