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The best USB-C cables for your phone or laptop | Digital Trends Spanish

USB-C is the port of the future. Every day we see more devices that change to the new standard, and now it is almost impossible to find an Android cell phone that still uses the outdated Micro USB charging cable. Even top-tier iPads and MacBooks use USB-C ports, so some would argue that change is inevitable. As their use spreads, these are the best USB-C cables that you can currently buy. You will be interested in: But why are so many cell phones switching to the new USB-C charging cable? Simply put, it enables faster charging and data transfer speeds, and most importantly, you can insert the cable both ways. Best of all, it can be used for cell phones, tablets, power banks, and even laptops, so all you'll need is a single cable (as long as you're not using an iPhone, of course). Bu...
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How to choose the right external hard drive for your needs | Digital Trends Spanish

While cloud storage is convenient, it's not guaranteed to always be available. Over time, we will move from virtual space to something we have yet to imagine. Until then, transfer copies of your files to a external hard drive it is good practice. But, with tons of options now available where do you start? Read on to find out how to choose the best one for added peace of mind. You will be interested in: Even before: why create a backup? To ensure that all your vital information is secure, no matter what happens to your computer or internet connection. Backup everything to an external hard drive and use the cloud as a secondary source. Storage capacity The most important specification to consider when purchasing an external hard drive is its capacity. It's no good getting a high-sp...
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USB-A vs. USB-C: We analyze these connections to find out the differences | Digital Trends Spanish

Ports are more confusing than they should be. And with the many different USB standards out there today, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options. In the following article, we compare USB-A vs. USB-C, two of the most common standards out there. Knowing the differences between the two is essential to understanding what your devices and peripherals can do. What is USB-A? USB “type A” connections refer to the physical layout of the USB port. Each USB connection consists of a port on the device host, a connecting cable and a receiving device. USB-A has a traditional port design host USB and one of the easiest to recognize on devices. It is a horizontal port with the "bottom" part dedicated to the pin connectors. This one-sided USB connection design makes it only wo...
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All about charging via USB Type C on laptops | Digital Trends Spanish

There is no doubt that the acronym USB-C marked a before and after in the world of electronic devices. Thanks to these types of connections, with which you can transfer files and charge devices, modern laptops no longer need a power adapter in the form of a large block. However, there are a few precautions you should take when charging via USB-C. Here's what you need to know about USB Type-C charging on laptops. Charging via USB and laptops Maurizio Pesce / Flickr You have probably already used the USB ports by charging small devices from your computer or an electrical outlet. That works well because the previous USB connections had enough power to successfully power those smaller batteries. Earlier versions of USB could handle a limited amount of power, which is why laptop cha...
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Still don’t know what Thunderbolt is? We explain it to you | Digital Trends Spanish

You've probably seen the words "Thunderbolt" and "USB-C" (or "Type-C"); Maybe you even know that they have to do with computer peripheral cables. However, not everyone knows exactly what they are, especially the first one. Not sure what Thunderbolt is and what it is for? The truth is that it can be something particularly confusing, since it is a connection technology that has gone through several different phases, and is making the leap from Apple to laptops and PCs in general. Knowing the difference between these different ports is important, especially when you are thinking about which computer is right for you. Today's Thunderbolt 3 Bill Roberson / Digital Trends Thunderbolt technology has been around since the late 2000s, but when it appeared Thunderbolt 3 By 2...