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Cows are taught to go to the toilet to curb climate change | Digital Trends Spanish

The increase in the temperature of the planet is a serious problem that affects all species of animals that exist on Earth. The problem is that this phenomenon worsens over the years, therefore, scientists and international authorities have called on humanity to react in time. This urgent need to act has motivated the most unusual proposals. It has been proven that the waste that cows eliminate on farms constitutes one of the major sources of polluting gases, increasing the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This helps to raise the global temperature of the planet, for this reason, a group of scientists has proposed as a solution that these animals use toilets, like humans, to eliminate their organic waste. In this way, the managers of the farms and stables, will be able to carry out a tr...
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What is Brucellosis, the outbreak that affected thousands of Chinese | Digital Trends Spanish

More than 3,000 people were infected with brucellosis in the town of Lanzhou, in northwest China, after a bacterial leak registered in a biopharmaceutical factory. The incident was revealed in mid-September 2020, following a report released by the Lanzhou Health Commission. Of the 22,000 people screened, 4,646 tested positive for antibodies to the disease and 3,245 confirmed contagion in subsequent tests. No deaths from the disease have been reported, she said. Infobae. The incident occurred between the end of July and August 2019 in a biological pharmaceutical products factory. According to Infobae, the enclosure would have used an expired disinfectant for the production of a vaccine for animal use against brucella, the bacteria that cause brucellosis. This would have...
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Genetic Advances to Produce Super Dads in Cattle | Digital Trends Spanish

The advancement of science and technology has achieved incredible results in the livestock industry. The most recent has been carried out by a group of scientists who have successfully created surrogate parents of animals that only carry the genes of donor animals, known as "super dads". According to researchers from the United States and the United Kingdom, this constitutes an important advance in gene editing with eventual applications for global food production. As part of the research, male goats, cows, pigs and mice were produced whose sperm carried the genetic traits of another male individual. This means that when these “super dads” reproduce, the resulting offspring are expected to carry all the genes of the male donor rather than the surrogate. Jon Oatley is ...