Sunday, July 25

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Utah’s Republican governor said anti-vaccine rhetoric from some on the right is’literally killing their supporters’

Some outlets and lawmakers are casting doubt on COVID-19 vaccines. GOP Gov. Spencer Cox of Utah denounced the rhetoric and said it is "killing people." The US is struggling to get more Americans vaccinated as misinformation about vaccines spreads. See more stories on Insider's business page. Utah's Republican governor said Friday that anti-vaccine messaging is "killing people" and pleaded with his state's residents to get vaccinated.During a news conference Friday, a reporter asked Governor Spencer Cox how harmful anti-vaccine rhetoric, particularly from right-wing sources, has been to the state's vaccination effort."I think it's r...
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Facebook hit back at Biden, saying the White House is looking for’scapegoats for missing their vaccine goals’

President Biden said platforms like Facebook are "killing people" with vaccine misinformation. Facebook defended itself and said the White House was looking for "scapegoats." The White House failed to reach its goal of inoculating 70% of adults by July 4. LoadingSomething is loading. ...
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Tennessee’s top vaccine official said she was fired to appease Republicans opposed to plans to vaccinate more teens

A Tennessee health official was fired after trying to get teens vaccinated against COVID-19. Michelle Fiscus was criticized by GOP lawmakers who wanted to restrict teens from getting the shots. The Delta variant of the coronavirus is currently rapidly spreading through the state. LoadingSomething is loading. ...