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Lyft to use autonomous vehicles from Ford before the end of the year | Digital Trends Spanish

Ford Motor Company, together with artificial intelligence developer Argo AI and ride-sharing company Lyft, announced a collaboration agreement to provide commercial transportation services with robot cars in the United States before the end of 2021. Argo AI and Ford will deploy autonomous cars on the Lyft network in the city of Miami by the end of the year. The second metropolis where the experiment is planned to be replicated is Austin, the capital of the state of Texas, starting in 2022. Lyft users in cities benefiting from the agreement will be able to select a Ford autonomous vehicle by ordering a ride from the app in their smartphones. For the moment, and until it is decided otherwise, the vehicles will be manned by a human driver who will not drive the vehicle, but who can take ...
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Autonomous racing car’s first race begins with a crash | Digital Trends Spanish

The first beta season of the Roborace autonomous car race did not get off to a good start. The competition organizers live-streamed the first start with the aim of demonstrating the full power of a high-speed tournament that does not endanger human drivers. However, the SIT Acronis Autonomous team vehicle was in an accident, hitting a wall directly. In accordance with EngadgetIt is not known with certainty what caused the accident, but the conditions of the track were clearly not the culprits: the car was starting to pick up speed and was not competing against other vehicles. One of the team's engineers took to Reddit to explain what happened, he reported Mashable. It turns out that there is a test lap, before the race, in which a human driver guides the car to the starting line. ...
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Tesla’s “fully autonomous” cars don’t drive themselves | Digital Trends Spanish

On Wednesday, October 21, Elon Musk confirmed on his Twitter account that Tesla began testing its Full Self-Driving (FSD) system or "total autonomous driving" in vehicles of some customers of the brand. It is a software that replaces your Autopilot and the idea is to test the system on the streets and highways of the United States. This has raised suspicion and concern from some autonomous driving experts who accuse Tesla of misleading and irresponsible marketing that could make roads even more dangerous, it reported. Techxplore. The misleading thing would be that, on the one hand, the system is called "total autonomous driving", but on its website Tesla disclaims all responsibility by warning that the system does not make vehicles autonomous and that, in addition, drivers they sti...
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What do lobsters have in common with autonomous carts? | Digital Trends Spanish

Despite the fact that locusts migrate in swarms made up of thousands of flying specimens, they have almost no collisions with each other. The main responsible for this coordinated, harmonious and safe trip is a neuron that scientists named the Lobula Giant Movement Detector (LGMD). A team of mechanical engineers from Pennsylvania State University is taking this neuron as a reference to create new robotic safety models that allow autonomous vehicles not to collide with each other, he reported. Inverse. Saptarshi Das Professor of Mechanical and Engineering Sciences at Penn State and a co-author of the study - published in the journal Nature Electronics- argues that locusts are unique among insects, especially in relation to their visual abilities. “We are always looking ...
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Green light for autonomous vehicles in the UK | Digital Trends Spanish

UK authorities are considering allowing hands-free driving for the first half of 2021. This is clear from a call for the test of automated lane maintenance systems (ALKS) issued by the Department of Transportation (DfT). The ALKS was approved by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and established the framework to allow autonomous driving in traffic jams at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. According to the DfT, a modification to the standard could validate speeds of up to 112 km / h (70 mph), which would make long and tedious motorway trips a "thing of the past," he said. BBC News. The media recalled that Tesla's Autopilot assistance system is a good example of the technology and is considered a level two autonomy, on a scale of five. The ne...
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Audi CEO: computing is the new power of cars | Digital Trends Spanish

Accelerate the development of a new type of car that uses the latest electric drive and automotive technologies. That is the goal that the newly appointed Audi CEO Markus Duesmann has set for himself with the “Artemis” project. A plan that aims to launch 75 electric models by 2029 and, incidentally, exceed Tesla, the agency reported Reuters. "When it comes to digitization, we are falling behind for now," Duesmann said in an interview at Audi headquarters in Ingolstadt, southern Germany. To complete the project, Duesmann brought together 200 engineers from the Volkswagen Group parent company. This creative team, in addition to creating a car, will design a new business model for the entire phase of the model's life. Markus understands that the industry used to consider ...