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Apple and Microsoft will sell less due to lack of components | Digital Trends Spanish

Both Apple and Microsoft have reported positive results during the last quarter, however, both companies have reported that the sales of their products could be affected in the coming weeks by the lack of components in the supply chain. Some time ago, Apple already anticipated that the shortage of components would be worse in this quarter, if compared to the previous ones. The company's financial director, Luca Maestri, assured that the "significant supply restrictions" will affect the different lines of its products. In Microsoft's case, revenues from Surface and Windows had been depressed by problems in the supply chain. For example, Surface revenue fell 23 percent due to the impact of "significant supply chain constraints," according to CFO Amy Hood. For this reason, both companies ...
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Xiaomi surpasses Apple: it is already the second manufacturer that sells the most | Digital Trends Spanish

Xiaomi is living its sweetest moment. The mobile phone manufacturer has positioned itself for the first time in its history as the world's best-seller, snatching the silver medal from Apple. The data, offered by the prestigious analysis company Canalys, shed light on the current situation of the mobile market. Specifically, they indicate that Samsung, which is in the first place in the ranking, obtained a 19 percent share of the world mobile phone market in the second quarter of 2021. The Korean giant is followed by Xiaomi with 17 percent and in the Third is Apple with 14 percent. Oppo and Vivo, both Xiaomi's compatriots, rank fourth and fifth with a 10 percent market share. While all the companies on the list grew by several points in 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, Xiaomi...
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These are Microsoft’s offers for Black Friday | Digital Trends Spanish

This will be a different celebration than Christmas. The health context that the planet is experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, has forced us to spend more time in our homes. This also extends to the celebration of the end of the year parties, however important they are. Also to your preparations. And in the case of Christmas, we must look for a safer and more remote way to do the traditional purchases. For this reason, many companies have wanted to give significant importance to the next Black Friday and from now on, some of them have advanced which will be part of the products they will have on sale. Microsoft, for example, has announced that its offers will launch before Black Friday, with promotions starting on November 16. From the company they have also reported th...
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The revolutionary PlayStation 3 turns 14 | Digital Trends Spanish

On November 11, 2006, Sony released the PlayStation 3 in Japan. A week later it did so in North America, and by the end of that month the console reached Europe and Australia. Although at the beginning the company received criticism from users who complained about the high price of the PS3, as well as the lack of variety in the games, this feeling changed over time. Sony, in addition, ended up lowering the value of the console and the games soon began to arrive, seduced, at the same time, by the wide possibilities that the technology of this version included and that made a radical and noticeable difference with the PS2. In fact, the PlayStation 3 can be considered as one of the most revolutionary consoles released by Sony. This device was able to integrate in a great way with the...