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Perseverance Captures a Unique Rock Formation on Mars | Digital Trends Spanish

Right now, NASA has two vehicles exploring the surface of Mars. These are the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter, which arrived on the Red Planet on a special mission in February. Perseverance, whose goal is to find traces of microbial life on the planet, captured images of a rare rock formation in an ancient lake bed, according to information shared with NASA that published the record on the robot's official Twitter account. “Take a look at this piece of rock I found: it looks like some kind of garden cobblestone, and it's probably an exposed bedrock. Materials like this, from the early days of this ancient lake bed, can help to understand what this lake was like, ”says the description that accompanies the video. Check out this patch of rock I found: looks kind of like ...
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According to study, life could exist in the clouds of Jupiter | Digital Trends Spanish

An international team of scientists published a study in Nature Astrology on the activity of the water in the clouds of Venus. As a main conclusion, the research indicates that the effective concentration of water molecules in the clouds of Venus is too small to support life like that known on Earth. "We have not found that the water level is slightly below what the most extreme organisms need, but that it is 100 times lower than it would be necessary," explained John E. Hallsworth, leader of the study. The surprise is on the account of Jupiter, who showed that its clouds have a high enough water concentration and a suitable temperature for, in theory, Extremophilic organisms to survive. "I am not suggesting that there is microbial life on Jupiter because it would have to have other req...
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Surprising find about Europa, Jupiter’s moon | Digital Trends Spanish

A study carried out by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory claims that Jupiter's moon Europa can glow in the dark. The experiments were able to show that the type of ice that covers the moon's surface glows under radiation, which could help determine the composition of its frozen plains and underground oceans. The scientists warned that as Europa orbits Jupiter, it receives a continuous charge of electrons and other particles from the planet, which is "bathed" in high-energy radiation. These particles hitting its surface would also allow the moon to glow in the dark. “If you imagine that you are standing in Europe and you look at the glow under your feet, the glow would be similar to if you were standing outside in the light of a full moon and then looking at the ground,” explains Mur...
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Astronomers find signs of life on Venus | Digital Trends Spanish

An interesting discovery that could have great implications for world astronomy is the one presented at the Nature magazine this Monday, September 14, as a group of researchers found traits of life on Venus. The finding is the detection of gas in the atmosphere of the blue planet: With powerful telescopes, they have detected a chemical, phosphine, in the thick Venusian atmosphere. After much analysis, scientists claim that something now alive is the only explanation for the source of the chemical. "This is an amazing and 'unexpected' find," he said. Sara seager, a planetary scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and author of the articles (one published in Nature Astronomy and another sent to the journal Astrobiology). "It will definitely spur more research on the...