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How to use any camera as a webcam | Digital Trends Spanish

Cameras, including those on phones, boast megapixels and lens specs, but not so much on laptops. There's a reason computer companies don't say much about the webcams that come built into their display bezels: Most of them are low-quality, with tiny sensors and cheap lenses. Sure, they work for basic video conferencing, but they're not very impressive and they certainly leave us wanting something more. Next, we explain how to use any camera as a webcam (or at least almost all). While you could buy a standalone webcam to connect via USB, you can also opt for a DSLR or mirrorless camera. You'll need a few things for these types of cameras to be recognized as a webcam by your computer, but the effort is worth it for the higher resolution, the best low-light performance, and the cin...
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How to configure Microsoft Teams to change the background | Digital Trends Spanish

More and more companies are using Microsoft Teams as their remote work tool, to keep the team in contact and make their video conferences. However, the application could be more complex than Zoom or Skype, and not all of its features are immediately apparent, such as the background change. Didn't you know that you can do that here too? We explain how to configure Microsoft Teams to change the background. Change the background before a meeting Are you waiting for a meeting to start? You can change the background right now! This is what you should do: Step 1: open Background Effects. Before joining a video with Microsoft Teams, you can easily see this icon to the right of the microphone switch. It looks like a small person sitting in front of a static background. ...
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Reactiv Suite by Vizetto: the service that will transform virtual meetings | Digital Trends Spanish

It is already known: the health emergency caused by COVID-19 came to change everything, including - or mainly - the way in which people communicate, whether with their family or colleagues at work. Videoconferences took a preponderant place –to the extent that now many of us want to take a break from them–, this without counting those who present content have even more burden on themselves, since the rest can be considered as simple receivers. That is precisely what the Canadian firm Vizetto wants to change with its platform Reactiv Suite. "Our solution will set a new standard in remote work for the 'next normal' by transforming passive remote audiences into active collaborators in daily meetings, resulting in greater engagement and increased productivity," states Av U...
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The Best Webcams for Video Conferencing, Game Streaming, and More | Digital Trends Spanish

The Zoom era has revealed a sad reality: Most laptops have poor quality cameras built in. If you want your videoconferences to be successful and look great in front of your coworkers, it is important to have one of the best webcams From the market. In Digital trends in Spanish We've examined hundreds of options, combining extensive background analysis and practical testing. Below we present the conclusions of our tests, so that you understand which one, and why, is the ideal one for you. Maybe you are also interested Honor roll of the best webcams: Logitech C920S The best webcam Logitech provides a solid camera at a reasonable price. It supports a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels at 30 frames per second (FPS) during a video conference with Skype for Windows, a...