Sunday, September 19


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They discover the secret of Stradivarius violins | Digital Trends Spanish

For centuries, it has been accepted that Stradivarius violins are the best of all, mainly because their sound has not been able to be matched by other manufacturers. And now, a new study has revealed the reason behind that sound: special chemicals used by their manufacturers, some that hadn't been discovered until now. The study It was carried out by scientists at Texas A&M University and reveals that, in large part, what makes Stradivarius instruments so special has to do not so much with their shape or manufacture, but with the use of these substances. Joseph Nagyvary, one of the authors of the study, says that 40 years ago he put forward a theory about the chemicals in Stradivarius, which when applied to wood caused a very specific sound. Finally, this theory turned out to be true ...