Saturday, July 31

Virtual Boy

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Virtual Boy: The Day Nintendo Really Failed | Digital Trends Spanish

Nintendo is not a company that fails with its products. Most of the consoles he creates are counted as successes, and even gadgets like the Wii U or GameCube ended up being more failures than failures. But with the Virtual Boy, Nintendo outright failed. Introduced on July 21, 1995, the console resulted in a product whose novelty was not enough to interest people. The Virtual Boy reached a year on the market before Nintendo discontinued it and in total it sold less than 800,000 units. To have a parameter: in a year it sold fewer units than the Nintendo Switch in any month. What kind of console exactly was the Virtual Boy? As the first part of its name says, it was a virtual reality console, built around a kind of helmet with two lenses that showed stereoscopic images. The Virtual B...