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The classic Volkswagen van returns in electric form | Digital Trends Spanish

One of Volkswagen's most classic and iconic vehicles is back, now in the form of an electric car. It is the van of the German brand, which for many is associated with the 70s and the animated series Scooby Doo. This new version is called ID Buzz and it is completely electric and autonomous. But more important still is the fact that it is already roaming some streets in Munich in test mode, using an artificial intelligence technology called Argo AI, which also has joint projects with Ford. This technology uses a series of sensors and cameras to detect and analyze what is happening around the vehicle and make the correct decisions; mainly, detect the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in order to anticipate any eventuality on the route. The ID Buzz presented by Volkswagen is still a ...
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Volkswagen presents its new electric mini SUV | Digital Trends Spanish

Volkswagen has presented at the Munich Auto Show 2021 a new concept of fully electric mini SUV: the ID.Life, which if built as its concept looks could be one of the most futuristic vehicles that exist to date. This mini SUV belongs to the ID line that Volkswagen has been developing for some time. It has a 231 horsepower electric motor, whose autonomy is 250 miles (400 kilometers approximately) thanks to its 57 kWH battery. But beyond its electric motor, perhaps the outside is the most interesting. The ID.Life has a retractable roof, so it could be considered a convertible vehicle. And also, both the roof and certain parts of the interior of the car are made of different environmentally friendly materials, including plastic from recycled bottles. Meanwhile, the steering wheel has a sh...
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At Volkswagen the manual transmission has its days numbered | Digital Trends Spanish

Some think that it is an unnecessary anachronism, and others swear eternal fidelity, however the vast majority are completely indifferent. Viewed from any perspective, the end of manual transmission Not only is it clear on the horizon, it is approaching faster and faster. One of the strongest evidence of the imminence of the end of manual gearboxes is in the fact that the Volkswagen Group, the world's largest car manufacturer in number of sales, has already set an expiration date on the share of the transmission. manual on the new vehicle line of your flagship brand. According to the German specialized automotive medium Auto Motor und Sport All new Volkswagen brand models introduced from 2023 onwards will be offered without a manual transmission as an option. This means that those mod...
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Volkswagen ID.4 vs. Tesla Model Y: here we compare them | Digital Trends Spanish

Volkswagen has been working hard to mass-produce EVs (electric vehicles) and unveiled the compact crossover ID.4 that will be sold in the US. Once it hits showrooms, the ID.4 will face stiff competition from Tesla, the automotive maker of electric vehicles par excellence. But who makes (and will make) the best all-electric compact? The largest auto company in the world? Or the world's largest electric vehicle company? Head to head: we tell you how the new ID.4 compares vs. the Tesla Model Y. Interior technology Volkswagen ID.4 Volkswagen's next all-electric ID.4 will arrive well-equipped at dealerships. The standard center touch screen is 10 inches, but can be upgraded to 12 inches. A navigation system, Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto are standard on all versions...
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320 horses! VW launched the most powerful Golf, the Golf R | Digital Trends Spanish

Volkswagen today presented at its headquarters in Wolfburg, Germany, the fifth generation of its sportiest Golf, the Golf R. A model that brings under the hood an engine that develops 320 horsepower, a figure that registers it as the most powerful Golf to date. Thanks to the propeller, the Golf R goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.6 seconds and its top speed reaches 270 km / h, as long as we mount the R-Performance package. The new Golf R also features the 4Motion all-wheel drive system with selective wheel torque control. It is a new rear differential that distributes power between the front and rear axles, and also between the two rear wheels. "This allows to significantly increase the agility of the Golf R, especially in the curves", highlights the German brand in a release. ...
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VW Atlas: has everything luxury, less the price | Digital Trends Spanish

When I was notified that I would be receiving the 2021 VW Atlas for review, my expectations were "normal" I would say. After having it for a week, my perspective changed: I now see it as a great option for large families or for people who like adventure, but don't want to sacrifice the comfort of everyday driving. As almost always happens in this type of loan, the manufacturer sent us the most advanced vehicle it has. Later, we will explain how to configure the car to make its price more affordable. We drive the V6 SEL Premium, with 4MOTION, that is, with four-wheel drive. The first surprise was in the ease of maneuverability and the smoothness of the steering. The car provided the feeling of a super-luxury car, and it is just a Volkswagen, Audi's younger brother ...