Sunday, September 19


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Spain authorizes the first trial of an anti-COVID-19 vaccine | Digital Trends Spanish

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products authorized the first clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine. The drug has been called PHH-1V and is being developed by the Hipra company. A statement released by the agency states: "It is a phase I / IIa trial of dose escalation, randomized, controlled and masked (the Hipra vaccine or an authorized vaccine is administered masked, so as to prevent its identification by both the patient and the research team)". At the same time, the agency explained that "mainly the safety and tolerability of this vaccine, as well as its immunogenicity and efficacy as secondary objectives, will be studied." How does it work? The authorities also explained that the drug works supported by two recombinant proteins with similar structures, which join toge...
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Human Challenge: voluntary infection for COVID-19 vaccines | Digital Trends Spanish

The entire planet maintains a fierce fight against COVID-19. The pandemic caused by this disease looms as one of the greatest health threats we have faced in recent times. At this point, with more than a million deaths globally, any attempt to slow the spread of the virus is worth it, even if it includes intentionally infecting some volunteer patients. Scientists from Imperial College have proposed a controversial and disputed method of deliberate exposure, known as the test "Human challenge ". According to experts, this strategy would include deliberately infecting a group of volunteer patients in early 2021, to study how vaccinated people respond to being exposed to the virus. This could accelerate the discovery of an effective coronavirus vaccine and make a difference to the wa...