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The miracle of Bugs Bunny: how he saved the life of Mel Blanc | Digital Trends Spanish

The decade of the 60s began and Mel Blanc, the voice actor who voiced characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Tweety, was at the peak of his career. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences had recently given the only Oscar (1958) that Bugs Bunny would achieve. They called him "the man with a thousand voices," so if there was a famous animated character on television, his voice was most likely Mel Blanc's. Then a fatal accident occurred. Aboard a luxurious Aston Martin sports car, Blanc suffered a spectacular accident. His car collided head-on with another, leaving him with his legs, a fractured pelvis and a coma that lasted for two weeks. All sorts of cards came to his hospital ward at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles wishing him a speedy recovery. His son Noel wouldn...
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LeBron James as Robin in advance of the new Space Jam | Digital Trends Spanish

The participation of LeBron James is one of the main attractions of Space Jam: A New Legacy, tape that will be released on July 16, 2021. Now we know new images that show the universe in which the Looney Tunes and James will be immersed. In these images we can see the NBA star as Robin and Bugs Bunny as Batman, in a kind of tribute to the legendary Adam West series. Emma Webster, better known as Granny (Granny), also appears in a scene similar to The Matrix, while the Road Runner (Road Runner) is seen in a stage style Mad max. New # SpaceJam2 stills show worlds from Batman, Matrix, Austin Powers, and Mad Max 🌎🌍🌏🌎 & mdash; Fandom (@getFANDOM) June 25, 2021 "Obviously, the Looney Tunes come with the ownership of Space Jam, but playing in the entire Warner Bros...
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Five reasons to be excited about the arrival of HBO Max to Latin America | Digital Trends Spanish

This June 29 has been the day of the premiere of another service of streaming in the region, one that seeks to attract the attention of Latin Americans at all costs, both with custom plans and with international and local productions. Here, we give you five reasons to get excited about the arrival of HBO Max to Latin America. Before moving on to them, it is convenient to know that the WarnerMedia option already has the platform application ready, with the idea that it can be installed on all types of devices, from mobiles (ios Y Android) to smart displays. You will be interested in: Excitement for the arrival of HBO Max to Latin America 1. A consistent platform Live the entertainment #Maximum as of June 29. #HBOMax & mdash; HBO Max Latin America (@HBOMaxL...