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Honor Band 6: reasons to consider it (and one not to do it) | Digital Trends Spanish

Since the beginning of 2021, Honor has only been a technology manufacturer, although in its recent equipment, such as cell phones and laptops, the "shelter" that Huawei provided is still present. What about the Honor Band 6? Is it worth considering this smart bracelet as a purchase option in the segment of wearables? After having tried it, we can now comment on some reasons why we should "dress" this device (and what we think it lacked to highlight). You will be interested in: Reasons to consider the Honor Band 6 1. Autonomy HonorOn paper, Honor refers that its Band 6, an attractive combination between a band and a smart watch, offers up to two weeks of autonomy, a time that can vary if it is used at its maximum brightness or physical activities are monitored every day, for example. I...
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This device could help prevent cramps | Digital Trends Spanish

Leg cramps can become one of the main injuries or ailments that affect athletes. It is an intense pain that appears during exercise, caused by tension in the tibia bone, also known as the shin. While in most cases it means two weeks off, sometimes leg cramps can lead to more serious stress fractures. New research from Vanderbilt University proposes an innovative approach that could measure the level of stress in the tibia, which could help prevent leg cramps. To make this finding, the team used existing wearable fitness devices such as watches or pressurized insoles, which can estimate tibial stress through ground reaction force (or the force with which one lands on the floor with every step he takes). They then analyzed data from ten runners in thirty different running conditions ...
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Fitbit Sense Review: a step forward in smartwatches | Digital Trends Spanish

Fitbit Sense review: a step forward in smartwatches "The Fitbit Sense does represent a step forward in smartwatches, or at least in relation to what the brand has presented so far. Any type of user will find an answer to their physical activity needs in this gadget. " Sleek and modern design Soft touch straps Up to six days of autonomy Intuitive interface Not so affordable price After the free trial period, you must pay for Fitbit Premium Only up to five clock faces can be added at a time As I mentioned earlier, the Fitbit Sen...
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The best gadgets to go out to the new normal | Digital Trends Spanish

It is still too early to define the consistency of this new reality. The pandemic caused by the new coronavirus continues to wreak havoc and it must be borne in mind that everything out there has changed, just like us. For this reason, it is pertinent to tell you about some of the best gadgets to go out to the new normal. For now, this list contains products such as wireless headphones that disinfect automatically, a portable air purifier, UV disinfectants for cell phones and wearables that help you measure the washing of your hands and not touch your face. Stress response Luis Miguel Paredes / Digital Trends in Spanish Fitbit's new flagship watch, in addition to having the company's advanced physical activity monitoring functions, also includes an EDA scanner, the purpose of whi...
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Fitbit Charge 4 review: simple but not very intuitive | Digital Trends Spanish

Fitbit Charge 4: a well-equipped, but not very intuitive bracelet "The Fitbit Charge 4 stands out for its internal GPS, monitoring of physical activity and control of the reproduction of Spotify, but it is a must in user experience and its price can be high when compared to other gadgets of its type." Internal GPS Battery for up to a week Modern and lightweight design Spotify playback control High price Monochromatic display Not so intuitive interface After spending a couple of weeks with the Fitbit Charge 4 smart bracelet, I m...