Sunday, September 19

Weird Whales

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12-year-old makes $ 400,000 selling NFTs | Digital Trends Spanish

A 12-year-old boy named Benyamin Ahmed has made what we could consider to be a big business: making $ 400,000 selling NFTs. The boy, despite his young age, already has experience in the field of programming. And with that knowledge he created what is called Weird Whales, a collection of 3,350 style whales. pixel art and of different colors; each of these whales is unique - like all NFTs - and the entire collection was sold in just nine hours from its launch. The sale of the complete collection brought him 80 ether, to which he added 30 later thanks to the resale market since each NFT of the whale ensures an extra 2.5 percent to its creator. And since Benyamin did not change the ethereum obtained into dollars but kept them in his wallet, the increase in the price of the electronic cur...