Saturday, July 31

WhatsApp multidispositivos

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WhatsApp multi-device is now available in beta version | Digital Trends Spanish

Mark Zuckerberg was in charge of offering the first details of the multi-device support of WhatsApp, anticipating that this feature would begin to reach the first users in a couple of months. Now, the multi-device mode of WhatsApp has begun to activate its early access through its beta; In this way, this long-awaited new feature finally begins to come true. To see if our device can test this function, we must go to Settings; Linked devices (or WhatsApp Web), and check if the new Multi-device beta option appears. This multi-device mode will allow us to link our cell phone with up to four additional devices (WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop or Portal), in order to continue communicating even if we have the phone turned off. It should be remembered that for now, in order to synchronize our...