Friday, July 30

Windows 365

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Windows 365: how and when to get the operating system in the cloud | Digital Trends Spanish

The ability to log into a cloud computer from anywhere and through any device. This is the goal of Windows 365, Microsoft's cloud operating system. How and when to get Windows 365? We tell you everything we know. You will be interested in: One of the legacies of the COVID-19 pandemic will be remote work. Whether permanently or partially, thousands of companies around the world have allowed their workers to carry out their functions from anywhere. The office is no longer the physical place where the headquarters of the company is, but is "inside" your own computer. If you consider that it is time to turn your business around and allow your workers greater flexibility, it is likely that you should consider having this operating system. Next we will explain what Windows 365 is, when ...
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Windows 365, the new operating system in the cloud | Digital Trends Spanish

Microsoft has just announced Windows 365, which will allow you to use the company's operating system in the cloud. According to the company, this new service will be available from August and will allow Windows 10 to run from any device through a web browser. It is a paid service, which was announced today at the Inspire conference. It will be similar to what the firm offers with Xbox Cloud Gaming, only instead of games, users will have access to a full operating system. Thus, Windows can be used on any laptop, tablet or desktop computer, with the same installation and configuration on each of the devices. Microsoft."Windows 365 brings the operating system to the Microsoft cloud, by securely transmitting the complete Windows experience, including all its applications, data and setting...