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The classics are back: Clippy, Paint and Solitaire | Digital Trends Spanish

The oldest users of Microsoft Teams They will find a surprise that will make them return to their best times, since the messaging application began to rescue the old Windows iconography for wallpapers. Possibly those who had Windows XP remember that default background where a green hill appeared with a pristine blue sky. East wallpaper It is the work of Charles O'Rear, a photographer who captured the image in 1996 and became a classic from the early 2000s. But the retro will not only come with this landscape, but it will also have a common place for those who wanted to defeat boredom in the early 2000s, Solitaire, the popular card game that got more than one out of trouble. . And those nostalgic for Word will remember that friend a bit annoying for some, useful for others, called Clipp...
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Musician turns Windows XP startup sound into song | Digital Trends Spanish

Windows XP is one of the most popular desktop operating systems in the world, even today it is still installed on multiple computers around the world. But what else can be said about the platform that launched on October 25, 2001? Turns out producer ROMderful took the signature Windows XP startup sound, composed by Bill Brown, and turned it into a full R&B song, about a girl who should be texting a guy. Engadged. First, for those who do not remember the original piece, here is a video that allows you to listen to it. Now yes, this is the converted song, which has reached almost 36,000 views on Twitter. In addition to the input sound, other characteristics of Windows can also be distinguished. MESSAGE MEHIT ME UP ON MSN, I WANNA BE MORE THAN FRIENDS GIRL SO MESSAGE ME. I CALL YO...
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Is Windows XP the best Microsoft operating system? | Digital Trends Spanish

How does an operating system released on October 25, 2001 and discontinued in 2014 still stay alive? This is the phenomenon that has led many to claim that Windows XP has been the best operating system in Microsoft's history. Windows XP was the fifth version of the operating system from the Redmond company. And although it was replaced in 2007 by Windows Vista, it maintained its hegemony for more than a decade. Only in 2012 could it be displaced by Windows 7. From Putin to Spanish deputies According to data from NetMarketShareIt is estimated that 1.5 percent of the world's users, roughly 25 million, continue to use Windows XP on their computers. The above, despite the fact that Microsoft stopped marketing it in 2008, that official support ended in April 2014 and that the life cy...
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Windows 7, more current and loved in adversity | Digital Trends Spanish

Windows 7 was released on a day like today, October 22, but from the distant 2009. This popular operating system turns eleven years old and still refuses to go away. In fact, it doesn't even seem to be living its last days despite the time that Microsoft's decision not to support it for security updates has passed. This happened in January and at that time many anticipated the death of this operating system, but that did not happen, in effect, the latest figures reveal the opposite phenomenon: it has increased its market share in recent months. According to data published by NextMarketShare, the market share of Windows 7 increased from August to September, going from 22.31% to 22.71%, which constitutes a growth similar to that experienced by Windows 10. Since January, when the end ...
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Code shows that Windows XP had a theme with Mac “air” | Digital Trends Spanish

A report from The Verge indicates that Microsoft created a secret Windows XP theme to make the operating system look like a Mac, at least that proves the recent leak of the platform's source code. In addition to the security implications that were handled by the leak, it apparently showed early work around the operating system and some unreleased topics. The Verge According to the information, the theme called Candy, "for internal use only", includes a design that resembles the Aqua (Apple) user interface, first presented at the Macworld Conference & Expo in 2000. “Microsoft never released their Aqua theme for Windows XP, and we understand that it was used in the initial source code for the operating system. The developers would have used it as a placeholder to create...
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Windows XP source code would have leaked online | Digital Trends Spanish

Several 4chan users assured that the source code of Windows XP would have been leaked yesterday in the forum. Subsequently, a Reddit user uploaded the code to a torrent file, causing the leak to spread rapidly. Some developers have announced that the code appears to be real. According to what they have pointed out, the download of the file weighs 42GB, which would not correspond only to the code, since it also includes other filtered files such as Xbox, Windows CE, Windows NT 4, among others. The Windows XP code takes up 2.36GB of a compressed file that has also been independently uploaded to MEGA. Although the news of the leak has been celebrated among the groups of hackers and developers, since it would allow us to study and learn more about Windows, it poses a serio...