Thursday, September 16

Worker Rights

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Over 1,000 Nabisco bakery workers are on strike over 12-hour shifts:’We’re prepared to be out there for as long as it takes’

Over 1,000 workers at Nabisco bakeries are on strike across the US over contract negotiations. Their contract proposals include a push against schedule changes for 12-hour shifts. One union representative told Insider they're prepared to be out there for as long as it takes. LoadingSomething is loading. Over 1,000 workers at Nabisco bakeries across the US are on strike. Nabi...
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7-Eleven owners are using surveillance cameras to prevent workers from stealing, months after some franchisees paid back $173 million over wage-theft accusations

7-Eleven and other stores are monitoring workers 24/7 to prevent theft and shoplifting. But some franchisees were recently told to return $173 million to workers in a wage-theft case. Some experts say it reflects a "dual standard" that assumes low-wage workers can't be trusted. LoadingSomething is loading. ...