Monday, August 2

Working Conditions

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Jeff Bezos thanked Amazon workers for paying for his space flight. For some, the feeling isn’t mutual.

Jeff Bezos thanked Amazon's workers and customers for paying for his Blue Origin space flight. But some Amazon workers said they want better pay and working conditions, not a thank you. "He should just go to Jupiter and live his best life there," one worker told Insider. LoadingSomething is loading. After Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Be...
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Amazon to stop testing warehouse workers for COVID-19 amid rising case rates and low vaccination rates in some states

Amazon plans to stop onsite COVID-19 tests for its warehouse workers, The Information reported. The change comes despite rising case rates and low vaccine rates in many states. Amazon declined to share details about positive cases or vaccination rates among its workforce. See more stories on Insider's business page. Amazon told employees it plans to stop offering onsite COVID-19 tests for its warehouse workers on July 30, The Information reported Monday.In a note sent to employees via an internal app, Amazon said past safety measures had put the company on a "path to normal" and that "free COVID-19 testing is now widely available a...
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An Amazon worker says she’s homeless because she can’t afford NYC rent with the $19 she’s paid per hour: Report

Amazon has touted its $15 minimum wage and pushed for increases at the national level. But Vice reported that a worker in New York City making $19.30 per hour still can't afford rent. The woman says she lives in her car in the company's parking lot and struggles to make ends meet. See more stories on Insider's business page. An Amazon employee who works at the company's warehouse on Staten Island in New York City says she lives in her car in the building's parking lot because she can't afford rent in the city with the $19.30 she makes per hour, Vice News reported Friday.The woman, Natalie Monarrez, has been homeless since 2019 afte...