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The American suburbs are getting a makeover, and these restaurant chains and companies want to move in next door

American suburbs saw a revival in 2020 as people fled cities at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, chains like Just Salad and Smashburger are following their customers to new suburban locations. Suburban-based companies like Tractor Supply Co. are already reaping the benefits. LoadingSomething is loading. In 2020, many professionals living in cities seized upon the ...
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Most TD staff to work from home until the end of 2020 and possibly into 2021

Article contentToronto-Dominion Bank is joining Bank of Nova Scotia in telling many employees to continue working from home for the rest of the year — and maybe longer — to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.“For most colleagues currently working from home, we expect that this will remain the reality until the end of the calendar year, and possibly into 2021,” Kenn Lalonde, Toronto-Dominion's executive vice president of human resources, said Wednesday in a memo to the bank's Canadian and US employees. “In cases where colleagues are required to return to the office, we will make every effort to provide four weeks advance notice.”Those employees who are already going into work, such as branch staff, will have to wear face masks at all Toronto-Dominion locations and when visiting customers, clien...
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Even trading floor diehards are now embracing work from home

Article content continued"What I didn't imagine two months ago is that I could be equally effective," said Gribbin, who hopes to continue to work from home two or three days a week.What I didn't imagine two months ago is that I could be equally effectiveAt Goldman Sachs, Tomiyuki Oji has also come to see the benefits.“I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about teleworking initially, as I thought it would be difficult,” said Oji, a derivatives trader. But “I feel there has been almost no impact on my productivity.”Common ComplaintOne common complaint about working from home is the lack of face-to-face communication."I miss the value of direct human interaction," CLSA's Gribbin said. "Being on the desk, things just pop out with everyday conversations."But even for traders and other financia...