Sunday, September 19

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Age of Empires will have a mobile version: Return to Empire | Digital Trends Spanish

The Age of Empires RTS franchise is one of the most popular in the community. gamer from PC, and it is still quite active. On the one hand, Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition continues to receive new content, while Age of Empires IV It will premiere in October this year. Now, it has been revealed that a new entry will come to this popular saga. Is about Return to empire, a version for iOS and Android by TiMi Studios, the developers of Call of Duty: Mobile Y Pokémon Unite. This was announced at the video game conference of the Chinese company Tencent games a few months ago, but it was analyst Daniel Ahmad who spread the news on Twitter this Thursday. Tencent & # 39; s TiMi Studios Group has confirmed it is working with Xbox Game Studios and subsidiary World & # 39; s Edge to adapt t...